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Wednesday, October 30th, 2002

Time:3:44 pm.
bye bye!

I got a new journal...so add me!


name reason-fave color blue and I LOVE STARS! lol duh. gees.
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Tuesday, October 29th, 2002

Time:7:49 pm.
This journal...is dead...

I might return...If I can get a code...
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Monday, October 28th, 2002

Time:8:09 pm.
Mood: confused.
i know your out there somewhere out thereCollapse )
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Sunday, October 27th, 2002

Subject:Weekend Fun!
Time:8:51 pm.
Mood: cold.
Well last night was alright. I went and got Jeff and we headed over to Danielles. Hung there for awhile and then went out. Basically we rode around. boring as hell. ended up at walmart where we saw jen and danara. oh we also saw donny and kevin and some other dude. dont know who he was. yeah then i took jeff to landmark for a movie and danielle wanted to come home so i took her home and went home myself. it was 11. as i got home my cousin Jake was leaving but his car wouldnt start so we had to jump it. it took like a half an hour. i was freezing. quality time with the cousin haha. then i came inside. went to sleep at like 12 or something. around there. got up @ what i thought was 10:45 really to be 9:45. mark made everyone breakfast (more sucking up) anyways. nicole called me and we made plans to go to the library to do our project. she had to babysit 1st so i went over to danielles and hung around. came home. then went and met nicole at korger where we got supplies. saw Chris.......fucking loser......anyways. went to the library and did our story. nicole did most of it. and she is goin to draw all the things cause i can barely draw stick people. ahh. lol. yeah. umm then i got a library card....checked out Tuck Everlasting...ahh i love that book *thinks of Nick* ahh. anywyas then i came home. watched nikki for a little bit. took a bath fun fun! then went back over to danielles. joe was there. fun fun! ahh. watched american dreams. go J J *cries* haha danielle! ahhh! lol. came home. im so cold! ahh! lol and i dont wanna go to school tomrrow. its goin to suck ass! fuck! well im out. later!
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Saturday, October 26th, 2002

Subject:like fo fhow! <~~~LOL
Time:10:56 am.
Mood: awake.
Well last night was lots of fun! woo! went and got jamie and jodie and went to walgreens to get a camera (didnt get one) then headed to danielles were she was getting ready for Rocky Horror! she is a gag! lol. anyways hung around there and took pics and what not then took off. went to Walmart so i could get a camera. went back to danielles and got something then to the gas station where the funny shit happened EVER! but danielle told me not to put it in here so i wont embarass her. see im being EXTREMELY nice! ahhh! WATERGUN! ahahaha. anyways then we decided to go to Steak N Shake. haha funniest shit.
Danielle-Jayme why is it that everyone you wanna kill and you hate you end up being friends with...
*turn around to see Josh and Meaghan coming in*

i was like NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! i FUCKING HATE seeing them together. yeah im friends kinda with her and him but still its like the whole ex b.f thing where i dont like him but i dont like seeing him with other people. does that make any sense? oh well I know what i am talkin about. so we left. drove around. 11:30 went to rocky Horror. met there dudes in line. Jim and Nate lol. they were nice guys. then went in. jamie and i were virgins to the whole thing. lol. i got beemed in the eyes with a roll of toliet paper OH THAT SUCKED. then i got hit by a scarey old man sitting next to danielle with toast. ahh. oh well. at least next time i go ill be ready for this shit! ahh. then we left. i was supposed to stay the night @ danielles but my stomach hurt so i came home. went to sleep. i just got up. randy woke me up to tell me that i am goin to see Jackass today with him and my cousin Jake. yay shall be fun! cant wait. *thinks of Bam Margera8 TOTAL FUCKING HOTNESS! ahhh im obsessed with Bam! ahh. well im out. i have to go clean the house for my moms little get together tonight.
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Friday, October 25th, 2002

Subject:Burning in my heart..................
Time:3:22 pm.
Mood: energetic.
lol another jam session. ahh the 60's i wish i was alive back then. the music is like so fucking good!!! ahh. lol danielle feels me on this! so anyways i didnt post about yesterday. i think i shall do that.

Went and got Danielle and Jeff.
Went to school.
1st hour-sat around and did basically nothing.
2nd hour-Did some quiz type dealy cause Ms Warmick was on a feild trip but mostly i talked to Nicole and Britt.
3rd hour-did our "group" work. lol THIS IS SO FUCKING DUMB! AHHH! lol
4th hour-did some worksheet/talked to nicole
5th hour-i wasnt in class that much. i went to talk to Mrs Spayer my counselor. I talked to her for A LONG TIME! she is so fucking awesome! like for real. we had a long ass discussion about death and reincarnation. it was sweet. then i went back to page. graded some shit.
6th hour-did some worksheet and talked to Zack and Jamelia.
After school. Nicole and I had a conference with Ms Warmick for talkin. We had to clean all the desks and pick up all the shit around her room. Then i got danielle and took her mom. came home to get batteries and cd player since there was a game in Brimfield. went to subway! went back to school thinking the bus left at 3:30 cause that is what nicole told me. we found out that it left at 4:30! so what were we to do for an hour. well nicole wendy and i went to mcdonalds. 2wice! lol it was so funny! eat. went riding around. went by Megan W.'s then back to school. rode to brimfield. OMG those guys are HOT! lol. i saw some people i knew. lol hung around and talked to Josh Harris who was there. he is cool as hell. lol. he is one of randys friends. anyways. then joe and chelsea came! yay i was too happy cause i was so bored. la la la. the game didnt get over till like 9! then we rode back to peoria. bernie! omg. she like passed out on the bus and would no get up! everyone was crying cause they didnt think she was consious of whatever. everyone was like crying. we didnt know what was wrong with her! ahh i hope she is all better. then i took Tyshell home and came home myself.

Went and got danielle and Jeff.
Went to school
1st hour-boring. had a test type thingy.
2nd hour-talked. Britt took pics of me and nicole and it was really good ahh! lol.
3rd hour-did some work
4th hour-boring. took notes. lots of notes.
5th hour-sat there. LOL they had this kickass talk show! it was so fucking funny. the sophomores are a gag!
6th hour-did worksheet and talked to Zack.
After school we all went to the Bowling meeting. woo! lol bowling team! ahh. lol. then took jamie and jodie and danielle and jeff home. came home. tonight is Rocky Horror Picture Show! ahh i cant wait. lol. woo! its goin to be fun. we are hangin out at danielles until then! yayness! well thats all for now. i have to go do some things for tonight. later.

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Wednesday, October 23rd, 2002

Time:3:02 pm.
Mood: cheerful.
Heeeeeat WaveeeeeeeeeeCollapse )
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Subject:"dont fucking look at me like I said it"
Time:2:55 pm.
Mood: cheerful.
I hate teachers......specially once that give you conferences.......hour conferences.....fuck i talk too much! Damn you Nicole! lol. just kidding.

well today was alright i guess.

went and got jeff and went to mcdonalds. then got danielle. went to school.

Marketing-Smitty came and talked to us...cool guy that Smitty.
English-talked....and got in trouble for it. ahh!
Anger Management-hahaha Im the most crazy person. "Hi my names Jayme and I have trouble with anger. lol im so angry! lol. i was one of the 3 people that got the highest in anger. I need some anger managment. funny huh!
Accoutning-talked to nicole. Almost got another conference for talkin but the bell rang and i ran out the class. NICE TRY NICOLE!
Lunch-la la la
Algebra-la la la I hate MRS JOHNSON! *evil eye* someone kill her!
Page-Mrs Warmick and Mrs Allsworth made me do a buncha work
History-did worksheet and talked to Zack.

After school. talked to joe since he called me! At school. lol. took danielle home and came home. I have a game tonight at Manual. fun fun! We are so goin to kick their asses! woo! lol. well im out.
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Tuesday, October 22nd, 2002

Time:5:54 pm.
Mood: tired.
Didnt mean to treat you oh so badCollapse )
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Subject:Just a day
Time:5:45 pm.
Well today was meh. lol I dont know what else to say. Its was straight. Went and got Danielles this morning. Went to the gas station. Then got Jeff who FINALLY decided he was goin to take his ass to school. Went to school. was almost late again. First hour-talked to nicole while working on computers. fun fun not. 2nd hour-sat there and did some readin log. ms warmick made nicole sit all the way across the room so she would read. lol. talked to britt a lil bit. 3rd hour-did Some work. not much but some. lunch-booooring. 4th hour-took notes and did work. 5th hour-sat there and wrote danielle a 3 page letter. there was a sub so there was nothing for me to do. lol. hope you enjoyed it dani. lol. 6th hour- took test and im sure that i flagged it! oh well. after school went around with Jeff Danielle and Jamie. la la la. Took danielle home. went to arbys. took jamie home. then took jeff home. came home. got online. la la la. went to the mall with danielle and then the library and michaels and blimpies. now im home. bored......talkin to Meaghan. la la la. bored bored bored. well im out. laaaater!
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Monday, October 21st, 2002

Subject:whenever im with him something inside..............
Time:3:43 pm.
Mood: crazy.
today was full of entertainment kinda. lol. well i went and got this morning. then headed to jeffs. he told me he was goin to school but he never came out so we left. but anyways. went to school. first hour. just kinda sat there and talked to chatara. haha we were debating about something really dumb. then 2nd hour nicole and i talked and worked on our To Kill A Mockingbird projects. Ours is goin to be tight! We are making a modern day version of it! Ahh yeah! lol. anyways. 3rd hour-nicole and i talked. mitchell was a bitch lol he was being mean lol but it was funny. hhaha. lunch was boring as per usual. 4th hour-boooooooring. nicole likes to talk to herself THE ENTIRE CLASS PERIOD! ahh. Hey Nicole....turning turning turning. whoops bump. stop sign! lol. anyways. then 5th hour-did somethings for ms warmick then studied for history test. go to history to find the test cancelled! and i actually studied! so history was boring. zack...........is a very odd boy. yes yes he is. after school. jamie walked me to the gym aww how sweet. i didnt have to take anyone home. lol. mitchell was a bitch! again. lol. its all good though cause he is hot. ahh. lol. came home. randy and i were both in weird moods so we were like all hyper and shit. he was home for lunch. lol. anyways. then i got online. talked to meaghan. thats about it. i have to watch my sister for a lil bit tonight. dude after school i had some awesome peanut butter and jelly. WITH SANDWICH BREAD DANIELLE! ahahhahahaha! i love inside jokes. gees. i love this weather. i dont think it could be anymore beautiful outside. i LOVE fall! ahh. so great! ahh. i dont know what is with me today. lol im just all happy and shit. ahh. well kinda. *its like a heat wave* fuck i love this song! you should all listen to it! i love the 60's!

sooner or later i hope its not laterCollapse )
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Sunday, October 20th, 2002

Subject:another crazy night @ the hinkle house!
Time:1:53 pm.
Well yesterday i went over to danielles and waited for her to clean so we could go to the mall. i got online. listened to some PLUS ONE! boy does that bring back some fine memories of the Riverman game with danielle nicole and josh. *sighs* good ole days. anyways. then we went to the mall. i got a new face for my phone! its dark blue and has stars on it. woo! its so awesome! ahh yay! anyways. then we um went to laurens and hung around with her and caleb and joe and some other people. i dont even remember the events of the night. then we went to Halloween Boutique! JOE WAS A COW! haha it was so so so very funny! OMG that brings us way back to something i forgot. so danielle and i were driving down knoxville at the light by war memorial right and she looks over and screams so im like what and look over and scream! ahhahahahha it was so funny this little kid had on a scream mask and was peeking out the window! it scared the shit out me. haha. anywyas. back to Halloween Boutique. yea they tried on lots of things. kinda. anyways. lol. then we went back to the mall since the dude messed up my phone and no one could hear what i was saying. so yeah. got that fixed. sat in chairs! yay! nice chairs. joe sat on my lap lol so i got a double massage! haha. anyways. then we left and went back to laurens. decided that we wanted to go to steak n shake. oh shit were we rollin deep! we had danielle me micheal joe harrold and chelsea in danielles car. and then caleb lauren lindsay adam and keith in calebs car lol it was so funny. went to steak n shake. too much fun! haha. anyways then took everyone back to laurens and me lauren caleb and danielle went back to danielles and hung around for awhile. caleb jammed on the guitar. i wish i could play like him...wait i wish i could play at all. lol. anyways we were bored so we decided to go walk around walmart. la la la. then went home. came home to a house full of people! ahh. mom was outa town. gees. and they were all kicking it upstairs! since when do they leave the basement. they were all drunk off their asses! haha. omg. randy ended up passin out. some other girl was throwing up all over the place. shit man. lol. 2:30 rolls around and randy is passed out and all these people in our in my house. i was like ummm. so i couldnt really go to sleep. but rachel (my brothers ex girlfriend of like 4 years) said she was staying the night so i told her to take care of everything. so i went to sleep at like 2:45 even though it was really hard cause they were loud as hell. got up this morning at like 11:45. yea cleaned the house. it was so trashed! omg! and i had to clean it up cause i knew randy wouldnt. shit. yea. thats about all. well im out. later.
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Saturday, October 19th, 2002

Subject:no more sickness
Time:9:44 am.
well thursday night i decided i wasnt goin to go to school. for no reason. but i ended up getting sick. it sucked major balls. i hate being sick. so i went to sleep at 10 thursday night and slept till 2! 2 on friday. it was crazy! ahh. too much sleep. then danielle called and i talked to her. decided we were goin to go bowling. even though i was sick i didnt want to stay home and waste my friday night. so she comes and gets me. even though i was half asleep when she got here and we went and got jodie and went to landmark. bowled. i kick both of their asses. 121! lol. yeah go me. anyways. they bowled another game but i didnt cause i didnt feel too well. then we went back to danielles and watched a movie. i asked danielle to take me home. so i went home at like 9:30. came home and went to sleep. it sucked. slept all night. got up at 9 this morning. JAYME IS BETTER! yay! just a lil sleepy. but NO MORE SLEEP! i slept half the weekend away. no my sleeping is all fucked up. anyways. today my mom is goin to bloomington for the night. she isnt goin to be home till tomorrow. woo! score. yayness. im too happy. house to myself...kinda. i dont know if randy will be home or not. oh well he doenst bother me cause he just stays in the basement. meh. anyways. i dont know whats up for tonight. la la la. well im out. later.
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Thursday, October 17th, 2002

Time:8:52 pm.
Mood: exhausted.
la la la last night. woo woo woo. so i went to danielles. she had to clean her room before we could leave. so she did that. then we headed to the mall. sat in those chairs that yeah feel real good. lol. ooooooh ahhhhhh. LOL. yea then i bought a hoody! yayness! lol. then we left. went over to Joes. Or should I say Laurens. or Chelseas. oh fuck we went to the Grant house lol. yeah. hung around with joe. then we left. took her home and then came home myself. hung around with randy and talked to him. got online for a few mins. la la la. then went to sleepy! *yay i love sleep* im so tired im acting dumb as hell. so anyways. this morning got ready. went and got danielle. then we went to the gas station. then school. it sucked. la la la. yes it did. had more tests today. boring. oh boy did the vocab section KILL me. ahh. i didnt know like any of the words! arg! i hate vocab! anyways. lunch-boring. 4th-boring 5th-boring 6th-hehe kinda fun. weed talk. zack is such a stoner! haha and jason whom is VERY annoying! ahh.

after school jeff called me on my cell since he wasnt at school. went and got him after taking chelsea home. then we all went to the mall danielle jeff and i. more comfy chairs! lol. took them home. came home. got online. talked to meaghan. la la la. umm. hmm. went krogering with my mom. la la la. umm. thats all im tired.

oh yeah! everyone should stay home with me tomorrow since im not goin to school!
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Wednesday, October 16th, 2002

Subject:Another day goes by and I still dont know...
Time:4:30 pm.
Mood: indescribable.

Why you ask? I would tell you but Im not sure. Its just one of those days when you have so much goin on inside your head and you are trying your hardest to hold back the tears.

So this morning. Got ready for school. I wasnt goin to go but we had those tests. Went and got Jeff. And then headed to Danielles. Went to school. Got to class. No one was there but Mitchell. So we hung around and talked until people started showing up. Then it was off to take our tests. I had to go to the small study hall. Gah. The only good thing was that Jamie and Jodie were sitting next to me. Fun fun. The tests sucked major ass. Then lunch after what felt like forever. I was so happy to be outa that room. Then 4th hour-did some little algebra "game" but it was no fun. My team won thanks to me. LoL. Anyways. Im kidding. But yeah. Then 5th hour-Ms Warmick had to do all of these things. It sucked. I gotta paper cut. I would rather have any kinda pain just not paper cuts! Ouch! I hate them. Then 6th hour-did our group project thing. Talked to Zack. *lol* Anyways. He is so funny.

Then after school Danielle and I went over to Jon's. Hung around with him and Jeff. Then we took off to Acme. Jeff got mad shit. Then to Best Buy. Then took them all home.

I dont know.......

There's so much shit on my mind I just cant put them into words. So many feelings. So much confusion.


More confusion........

I know what I wanna say. Just something wont let me type it.....

I know! I got it! Wait no. I cant.

I love you...
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Tuesday, October 15th, 2002

Subject:Just a day just an ordinary day......
Time:8:43 am.
Mood: crazy.
whats up everyone! im so bored! im at school right now. lol. really i am so bored. we arent supposed to check our mail in this class but we can get on the internet and nicole did anyways not knowing that the speaker was on and it was like "youve got mail" it was a gag! haha she just did it again! lol fun times in class. well today is goin to be so boring man! ahh. everyone is taking those test things. but im not cause im goin to ICC! woo! lol so yesterday did i post about that. well i went to danielles and lauren was there too. we went to the mall. fun fun. then to blimpies. fun fun! then to jeffs. got him. he was messed up. then we went to laurens. left and went to my house to get something for my brother and then to the bank to take it to him. it was his cell phone charger. anyways. then i took them all home. came home. did nothing. randy bought me a cell phone! isnt that like so cool of him! gees. i love my brother. so the number is 678-0919 EVERYONE should call me! lol. fun fun! its all mine. no sharing with my mom! ahh. so anyways. then danielle called me and i went back over there. hung around. OH YEAH! and before we went to the mall we watched American Dreams. AHH I LOVE THAT SHOW!

Meg Pryor from East Catholic will you go on a date with me!

*screams* that is so cute! ahh lol.

so danielle and i hung around. i tried FOREVER to get my voicemail to work! but it still wont. randy has to call up there. anyways. so yea. then i came home. got online. did nothing. was up late messing with my phone. i played blackjack forever. haha. school today! we were really early. went and got jeff then danielle. went to school. fun fun...NOT! so yea. well the bell is due in like 5 mins so im out. later on!


~Nicole is a dork and she needs to post! comment if you think she should start posting!~
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Monday, October 14th, 2002

Subject:From Buzz!!!
Time:11:38 am.
Mood: bored.
I see: the computer screen
I want: nick
I have: to go to danielles and watch American Dreams
I wish: i could see nick
I love: nick, HOODIES!
I hate: extremely ghetto people that yell all the way down the hallways!
I miss: alishia nick and my grandma :*(
I fear: the wind *hides under car*
I feel: happy
I hear: New found glory
I smell: strawberry body wash!
I crave: food man im hungry!
I wonder: what today will bring me
I regret: fucking up with Nick *gees you have heard alot about nick in this survey, he is on my mind today*


Smiled? am now
Laughed? last night
Cried? like a week ago
Bought something? last night at baskin robbins
Danced? in the car!
Were sarcastic? dont know
Kissed someone? Josh on July 8th
Watched your favorite movie? like a month ago
Had a nightmare? been a while


Last book you read: to kill a mockingbird
Last movie you saw: fast and furious
Last song you heard: NFG-sonny
Last thing you had to drink: sprite
Last time you showered: just like 10 mins ago
Last thing you ate: long john silvers last night


Smoke? not cigs
Drink? meh sometimes
Sleep with stuffed animals? no
Live in the moment? yes
Have a dream that keeps coming back? not really
Play an instrument? no
Believe there's life on other planets? meh anything is possible
Remember your first love? yeah
Read the newspaper? yeah
Have any gay or lesbian friends? a couple
Believe in miracles? yep
Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever? yeah
Consider yourself tolerant of others? some
Consider love a mistake? hell no
Like the taste of alcohol? some
Have a favorite candy? yeah
Have any secrets? yes
Have any pets? morgan my cat


Do well in school? i did this year
Go to or plan to go to college? ICC!
Talk to strangers who instant message you? not really
Wear hats? nope
Have any piercings? yes
Have any tattoos? not right now
Hate yourself? nope
Collect anything? yep
Have a best friend? yeah
Like your handwriting? sometimes
Have any bad habits? yep!
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Time:10:48 am.
Mood: creative.
Well everyone else is goin to be doin it so why dont I too.

you are so awesome and beautiful. Im glad that I met you.

I dont know what I would do without you. you are always there for me. love ya.

you need to be careful.

Im glad you finally got what you wanted, i told you to wait and it would come.

I wish you and i knew eachother better. you are really cool.

He doesnt deserve you, be happy, other people love you. everything isnt about him.

I wish that you and i still talked like we did last year.

i cant believe i hated you, im so dumb you are so amazing!

you are so nice.

you need to open your eyes. one day you are goin to get in lots of trouble. dont say i didnt warn you. i care about you and dont want you to get in any trouble.

glad that you and i are slowing regaining our friendship.

you are a cool guy.

you are such a fun person to hang with. glad we are friends.

i wish i talked to you more, you are soo nice.

if i know you in real life and you are on my friends list. one of these goes to you. if you really dont know. ask and i will tell.
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Time:10:28 am.
Mood: content.
yesterday was boring. sat around the house all day. really thats all. talked to danielle. we were goin to go bowling last night so she came and got me and we headed to laurens to see if anyone wanted to go but they didnt have any money. so we ended up hanging out there all night. me chelsea lauren katie danielle amy joe and um i think thats all. sorry if i forgot someone. we were all amused by the firetruck with NO SIRENS haha. anyways. we went across the street to the other danielles. hung there. then decided we wanted to go to Baskin Robins. so danielle amy katie lauren and i went. got some yummy goodness. then MORE yummy goodness. drove around. then went back to laurens and dripped them off. danielle and i headed around the corner to Jeffs. woke him up. hung there. played catch with kyle and chucky. haha. then we left with jeff to go back to laurens. we hung around. NICE COVERSATIONS! haha. DANIELLE COUNT! lol. anyways. then we took off. drove around. ended up at Kroger? dont know why but we did. then took me home. then i hung around with Randy Bryan Jordan Miles Miles Jeff and Susie. meh. then sleep. danielle called me i think. haha i dont know!
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Saturday, October 12th, 2002

Time:1:25 pm.
One more post...

Im sorry Susie :(
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